Here at Katalyst, Brands are our passion

Katalyst have been supporting brands, as a trusted partner since 2003,  developing insight, sentiment, data, content, customer experience, compliance and security.

Using its sentiment platform and in-house expertise, Katalyst allows brands to understand precisely how their brand is positioned within their social landscape, how customers are engaging in real time and how they are positioned against their competitors.  This valued insight allows management teams to make informed decisions around customer satisfaction, customer experience, effectiveness of marketing campaigns and competitive positioning.

In addition Katalyst operates an online to offline platform which enables brands to understand who their customers are even if they are selling through retail channels.  We can provide attribution of all marketing channels, push personalised offers to different customer demographics, issue and redeem mobile offers, retarget and provide brands with key consumer data enabling future direct communication.

Katalyst provides brands with unique content writing for their website, blogs, white papers and forum papers.  This enables brands to enjoy a steady flow of relevant, informed and insightful content which underpins their website and marketing objectives whilst optimising search engine results.

When it comes to customer experience, Katalyst has a full understanding of the customer journey forming a single view of customer interactions, across devices and contact channels.  Katalyst has the toolkits and expertise to measure the customer experience across online, offline, within contact centres and across social media.  Once benchmarks have been established then our specialists are able to assist brands improve the customer experience in order to improve customer satisfaction and business metrics.

Katalyst’s Info Sec team help brands protect their data from external security breaches. Our penetration testing team are able to test a brands resilience to external attack. Our expertise also extends to ensuring that a brands data is compliant and secure especially concerning PCI DSS credit card information.  Using speech analytics we are able to identify at risk voice recordings, provide redaction and archive toxic recordings.

Protecting your customer data.  Preventing security breaches.  Keeping data and voice recordings compliant

Everyone at Katalyst shares our passion and ethos – its all about the brand!  Helping a brand gain a competitive edge by using our platforms, content and secure systems combined with industry leading expertise and experience.

Contact us today to see how we can give your brand a competitive edge.