Marketing attribution

Marketing Attribution

Marketing attribution: Have we found the holy grail of for advertising and marketing campaigns?

Katalyst helps a brand to link each marketing campaign to predefined outcomes whether that be a purchase in retail store, a test drive in a car dealership, product sampling, a visit to the cinema or entering a competition.

Irrespective of marketing media, (TV, radio, poster, print, video or on pack,) the Katalyst solution interacts with the media prompting audience engagement via Twitter or SMS   social login  Once connected the platform will serve content and or offers via a unique vouchering system.  Each offer voucher is unique and linked to redemption points on till systems in retail store or other retail locations.

Platform is able to reconcile unique offer codes back to marketing campaigns thereby providing attribution of advertising effectiveness whether that be sales in store, car test drives, sample take up, film trailer downloads or competition entries.