By: katalyst On: June 29, 2017 In: Big Data Comments: 0

I’m Marcus Langford the New Business Development Partner with Katalyst Communications. My background is in the world of Applications and Service Integration within the IT industry. Enabling customers to gain access to hard to reach sources of Data to make service more efficient, provide new services to end customers or within an organisation.

In that time, I have built strong and deep relationships with a number of IT Vendors, in particular IBM.

I was invited to join Katalyst to bring some of that expertise together and start to build new offerings for Katalyst customers from the portfolio of platforms that exist within the organisation.

At first glance, these platforms might seem to have little relationship with each other. Katalyst can call upon Student experience, Sentiment Analysis, Rewards and Fraud detection platforms. Add to that Media interest in Radio and Television, then you get to appreciate there is a broad church of talent and technology to call upon.

So how do we bring these together? A recent example we worked on was a Project called Love Your Place (see @loveyouplaceUk). Here the brief was to engage in a program that will start to improve the employment rates of those in our community who might be considered as “Digitally Excluded”.

Katalyst brought to the brief our Student Experience Platform (Vivo) which manages and gamifies learning experiences for students. We then combined this with our rewards platform (Verticly) to reward students for progression in a skill or Curriculum. Add to that the ability to advertise the program to local communities via our media organisations (Radio Response) and you can see that this starts to be a powerful proposition.

We are currently working on making these platforms available on a unified Cloud base and enhancing Analytics and insights via IBM’s Bluemix and Watson capabilities. These will enable our current and future customers, to have, capabilities available within hours and days, which in the past might have taken months to build.

Exciting times are ahead and I look forward to meeting existing and new customers of Katalyst.