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Katalyst has been supporting brands, as a trusted partner since 2003,  connecting brands with new audiences and reconnecting with lapsed customer groups.  Gaining an insight of a brands core customer demographic, their buying patterns and key behaviours enables us to plug in relevant  publisher networks and deliver unique online and offline customer journeys  across any marketing media.  Our platforms enable us to measure marketing attribution and redemption rates which enable us to provide the brand with a full ROI on any marketing campaign.  Once we understand what is working then we can look to scale campaigns which resonate with any given audience and make good commercial sense.

We help brands deliver their key drivers whether than be customer acquisition,  engagement, retention, winback or rewarding them but we do this in  smarter way always with our eye on performance, building sustainable business models with data and insight at the core.

In a post GDPR world then the compliant collection and protection of first party data and building a one to one relationship with your customer base becomes paramount.

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